Meeting under COVID19 restrictions

With the Chameleons qualifying as a support group and having had our meeting approach signed off, the group have been meeting since late September.

  • We have our own entrance away from others. This is located at the side of the building and this overlooks the sports pitch.
  • Using a temperature gun, we check everyone on arrival.
  • We maintain a two metre gap between attendees and mask wearing is compulsory (unless you have a medical condition).
  • Once through the reception area, the main room is set up with a long arc of tables and they seat no more than two people at either end.
  • We make a note of contact details (which we keep private) and these would only be used in an emergency situation.
  • We ask that attendees bring the right change to help reduce handling money.
  • We use the Accessable toilet situated at the end of the corridor and this is restricted to our user only.
  • The kitchen is currently closed to help maintain a one way system, so everyone brings there own soft drink.
  • Each day, the Centre staff ‘smoke’ the building to treat all surfaces, spaces, and touch points to help reduce transmission risk. The Centre is also split into front and back zones to reduce exposure.

With the above in place for our last few meetings, members had this to say:

“I am very Covid cautious and try to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. I was initially nervous about going back – but after my first return meeting I now think that Chams is a very Covid-safe environment.” D.

“I have been to all three meetings since lockdown and feel totally that everyone is doing their bit to stay safe.” C.

“I can honestly say I have not felt safer covid-wise anywhere else in an indoor public setting.” M.

We hope that the above comments from members help inform you that everyone is doing their best in these difficult times. We hope that you will feel safe to attend and socialise in a safe space, suitably distanced.

If you have any questions about the above, please get in touch via the Forum or using the Contact Us page.