We’re a social and support group for anyone on the transgender spectrum, their families, and friends. We started back in the early 80s when being Out & About just wasn’t an option. The group is one of the longest-running groups for the UK transgender community.

You may be part-time, full-time, male to female (MTF), female to male (FTM), trans-woman, trans-man, genderfluid, genderqueer, a crossdresser, unsure, or undecided. We have a safe space where you can be yourself and you – or you and your partner, parent or friend – can be sure of a warm welcome. You can read about some of our members here.

We’re based just outside Nottingham and people from across the trans* spectrum, come to ‘NottsChams’ from across the East Midlands and beyond. Why not come along and give the group a try?

We hope to see you soon. ❤