Nottingham Chameleons can work with your organisation to help colleagues explore and understand transgender related themes and topics. We operate a safe space and non-judgemental approach, so you are free to ask questions that you may not feed okay asking. We are able to offer workshops face to face or remotely, depending on your requirements. Our rates are very reasonable compared to national training organisations.


Our workshops can be a discussion or presentation, and most organisations opt for a hands-on workshop of around an hour and a half. As this is your time, we work with you to make sure you get the most from the session. We include activities to help you discover and learn. We are also very much not ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Should you wish, we can also signpost you towards further learning and/or support materials as required.

Workshops can include an introduction to trans awareness, understanding the language, how to support people, listening techniques, help with stragetic policy, provide personal stories, or we can create a custom agenda that’s bespoke to you.

Our sessions can last between one to two hours, depending on your requirements. We will close with an ‘ask me anything‘ session, allowing staff to explore and discuss topics in a safe and non-judgemental setting.

If you are interested, please contact us.


After the workshop, we ask our recipients to get in touch if there’s anything we can do to improve. This is some of the highlights from previous sessions:

“We absolutely loved you and learned so much and will be incorporating in work we do.” ~ D

“I really enjoyed the session and really appreciated your honesty and candid approach to how to talked to us! And verbally afterwards, the vibe was so positive here, so I do think everyone felt the same. Thanks again so much, I will definitely contact you again should we have any more questions.” ~ S

“…until you started talking, we didn’t really realise what our needs were; other than just to start a positive conversation amongst staff and have a whole team approach to supporting our young trans group, really be aware of how their mental health might be impacted differently or not, and to just be more aware – and knowing we can ask questions.” ~ Y

“We really enjoyed your presentation immensely, it was informative, well-considered, funny, engaging and gave us insight where we had little prior knowledge. This has been a really positive experience and has helped me and others to be able to open a dialogue in relation to Diversity and Inclusion.  Thanks once again for sharing your experiences for being so honest and making us all laugh so much.” ~ L