Meeting under COVID19 restrictions

With the Chameleons qualifying as a support group and having had our meeting approach signed off, the group have been meeting since late September.

  • We have our own entrance away from others. This is located at the side of the building and this overlooks the sports pitch.
  • Using a temperature gun, we check everyone on arrival.
  • We maintain a two metre gap between attendees and mask wearing is compulsory (unless you have a medical condition).
  • Once through the reception area, the main room is set up with a long arc of tables and they seat no more than two people at either end.
  • We make a note of contact details (which we keep private) and these would only be used in an emergency situation.
  • We ask that attendees bring the right change to help reduce handling money.
  • We use the Accessable toilet situated at the end of the corridor and this is restricted to our user only.
  • The kitchen is currently closed to help maintain a one way system, so everyone brings there own soft drink.
  • Each day, the Centre staff ‘smoke’ the building to treat all surfaces, spaces, and touch points to help reduce transmission risk. The Centre is also split into front and back zones to reduce exposure.

With the above in place for our last few meetings, members had this to say:

“I am very Covid cautious and try to avoid taking any unnecessary risks. I was initially nervous about going back – but after my first return meeting I now think that Chams is a very Covid-safe environment.” D.

“I have been to all three meetings since lockdown and feel totally that everyone is doing their bit to stay safe.” C.

“I can honestly say I have not felt safer covid-wise anywhere else in an indoor public setting.” M.

We hope that the above comments from members help inform you that everyone is doing their best in these difficult times. We hope that you will feel safe to attend and socialise in a safe space, suitably distanced.

If you have any questions about the above, please get in touch via the Forum or using the Contact Us page.

Autumn Reopening

The Centre’s management and local council Jace given their approval that we are okay to meet under the new social restrictions (see also The Rule of Six).

Autumn meetings are now back in the calendar and you should check this site before planning on attending.

For our meetings to go ahead, we have some rules we will need to follow.

What we will have to do is this:

  • Only enter via the side door that overlooks the playing field.
  • Provide your legal contact details to one of the organisers on arrival.
  • Wear a facemask.
  • Be temperature checked using a forehead scanner by one of the organisers.
  • It would really help if you could pay with the exact change.
  • Keep two meters apart and keep apart on tables too.
  • Bring your own soft drink or flask.
  • Only exit via the main entrance door in the car park.

The kitchen will be closed to us and the side room – that we often use for vendors or discussions – will be our main entrance.

Summer Meetings

With the COVID19 situation continuing to change, our August meetings are now on hold. As much as we would love to reopen and meet up, our health and the wellbeing of others is very important.

As well as our forum, we have an online meeting every Thursday night at around 8.30pm using a secure and anonymous meeting system, Jitsi. Further details for the online meetings can be found in the forum.

Virtual Meetings

With the lockdown likely to continue for a number of weeks, the organisers have been testing teleconferencing software.

Having tried a few, we’ve settled on using Jitsi Meet due to its privacy policy, data security, anonymity, and features. It’s also open source and free to use.

You can run Jitsi on your smartphone, PC/Mac, or using a web browser.

If you’d be interested in meeting online each Thursday at around 8.30 pm, please check the forum for a link to get you into the chat.

Physical meetings on hold

With immediate effect, all meetings for Nottingham Chameleons are cancelled until at June 2020. We will review the situation as the COVID19 situation develops and official news will be on the home page.

We apologise for any inconvenience and understand this may be upsetting for some of you. However, for the safety of our members and the general public, we feel this is the appropriate action to take.

Please use the Forum for socialising, keeping in touch, etc. If you are in need of support, please post in the Forum or use the contact page.

The Community Centre staff have explained that our existing bookings will remain as is and we will not be charged during the closure.

Stay safe,


As the situation around Corona / COVID19 develops, here are the group’s current plans:

  • Being a small sized group, we’re not planning on closing unless the situation changes significantly.
  • If you have a persistent cough, or feel you may have been exposed to Corona, please miss a meeting and see how you are in a fortnight.
  • If you have any ongoing health issues, please consider your own safety first.
  • When we do meet, can we agree to keep some distance between us to reduce the risk of infection

Further information can be found in the forum.


Your first visit to Nottingham Chameleons is always free. That way you can find out if the group and what we do is right for you. After that, we ask that you pay to help fund the group.

Please note we do not charge for parking, drinks, or cakes & biscuits. They are all included for the evening.

Your first visit to Nottingham Chameleons is always free. That way you can find out if the group and what we do is right for you. After that, we ask that you pay to help fund the group.

Please note we do not charge for parking, drinks, or cakes & biscuits. They are all included for the evening.

Retired, student, and/or unemployed£6
Couple* (trans partner & non-trans partner)£8
Parent and child (under 18)£6
Professional carer and trans person£6

Regarding would-be attendees under 18, we ask that you attend with a trusted family member who is aged 21 or over.

[ * For partnerships were both parties are trans, we ask that you pay the applicable rate around your employment status ]