Autumn Reopening

The Centre’s management and local council Jace given their approval that we are okay to meet under the new social restrictions (see also The Rule of Six).

Autumn meetings are now back in the calendar and you should check this site before planning on attending.

For our meetings to go ahead, we have some rules we will need to follow.

What we will have to do is this:

  • Only enter via the side door that overlooks the playing field.
  • Provide your legal contact details to one of the organisers on arrival.
  • Wear a facemask.
  • Be temperature checked using a forehead scanner by one of the organisers.
  • It would really help if you could pay with the exact change.
  • Keep two meters apart and keep apart on tables too.
  • Bring your own soft drink or flask.
  • Only exit via the main entrance door in the car park.

The kitchen will be closed to us and the side room – that we often use for vendors or discussions – will be our main entrance.